I thought I saw an angel.

An angel in disguise?

There was just something about her,

Something in her eyes.


The way she almost glided,

As she moved across the place.

A look of innocence and kindness

Was imprinted on her face.


Going about her business.

Breathing light into the air.

I wonder if she saw me,

Or sensed that I was there?


This being didn’t have wings,

At least I couldn’t see them.

Perhaps to blend in quietly

She could use them as and when.


I thought I saw an angel.

It’s difficult to explain.

If you had been there in the room,

Maybe you’d feel the same.


Sometimes between wake and sleep,

When lying in my bed,

I dream she visits me; a

Gentle kiss on my forehead.


I’ll never forget that angel.

The way she made me feel.

There’s no question about it –

I’m certain she was real!




Copyright © 2014 Marc Harris

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